I’m a multidisciplinary designer passionate about collaborating design work that centres around marginalised voices 🗣🫧 I ensure my work reflects a diverse range of perspective and experiences as I’m dedicated to creating an inclusive and impactful design that fosters a safe space for everyone 🫂🌐✨

As I continue to grow and develop as a designer 🌠 I’m deeply commited to decolonising design practices, challenging traditional narratives and fostering diversity in the field. I aim to translate stories 📇 into visual systems that demonstrate how thoughtful conversation and formal expression make for impactful design 🫧🖼

So, whether you're here to explore my digital wonderland🎢 testing my bahasa 🇮🇩 chat all things about pottery 🫶🏽 or just say hi, I'm excited to have you along for the ride❣️

Thanks for stopping by, means a lot <3🌷🌼

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners, the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation as the custodians of the land I am on.

As a privileged, non-Indigenous person, I am grateful for the opportunity to work and live on this land, and I commit to promoting understanding, respect, and reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

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RMIT Design Hub

        The RMIT Design Hub stands as an innovative hub for fostering creativity and collaboration among a diverse community of designers. It serves as a dynamic environment that goes beyond conventional norms, providing a space that encourages exploration, experimentation, and in-depth discussions on various aspects of design.
        One of the hallmark features of the Design Hub lies in its adaptable spaces. These spaces are thoughtfully designed to accommodate the distinct requirements of different designers. By offering flexibility in how individuals configure their work areas, the Design Hub supports an environment where designers can tailor their surroundings to suit their specific creative processes and projects. This adaptability fosters an atmosphere conducive to diverse working styles, allowing for enhanced productivity and inspiration.
        The unique custom typeface employed in the Design Hub's draws inspiration from the building's architectural design. The exterior of the Design Hub boasts a striking diamond-shaped pattern crafted from disks and negative spaces. This distinctive architectural motif serves as the muse for the creation of a specialized typeface, reflecting the essence and identity of the building itself. By integrating this architectural motif into the typography, the Design Hub's visual language establishes a cohesive and meaningful connection between its physical structure and its brand identity.
        Overall, the RMIT Design Hub emerges as more than just a physical space; it represents a philosophy that celebrates creativity, diversity, and adaptability. Through its thoughtful design and incorporation of architectural elements into its visual language, the Design Hub embodies a holistic approach to design that resonates with its community of creative thinkers and practitioners.